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Carroll Worldwide

Mar 19, 2020

Randy has a tactical plan to beat the Coronavirus. Sherri shares a story of a rogue outlaw who took the law into his own hands at her Cafe. Dennis makes predictions and finds the positive side of the Coronavirus situation.

Mar 12, 2020

The podcast rages on in the wake of Coronavirus. Dennis learns what a "finsta" is. Carroll County Public Schools deals with a finsta of their own. Carens collide, clash and coerce collateral comradery in a local community Facebook group. Sykesville vies for the national title of America's Main Street. Dennis and...

Mar 5, 2020

Randy and Sherri square-off in the first Judge Dennis of 2020 with a salacious drunk girl rage incident. Aggressive driving is all the roadrage in Hampstead. Sykesville is getting a splash park and we literally don't know what to make of it. Randy thought Algebra was a country. Self Checkout debates ignite the community.