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Carroll Worldwide

Oct 27, 2021

Oct 21, 2021

The gang tackles the big issues this week; who can dress as whom this Halloween? Why are there so many creepers in Hamchester? What can you do with a set of 125 test tubes? When is Halloween? And perhaps the most disturbing Top Ten to date.

Oct 14, 2021

Randy is in Facebook jail and now might get cancelled for cultural appropriation. Sherri showcases an amazing find on a local yardsale group. Dennis ruminates on putting trashing up people's trash with trash. We cover Westnubsterm's Cow County's Best winners! A curious job listing is creeping everyone out....

Oct 7, 2021

Our most fired-up episode ever! Sherri discusses a person who literally called the police because she found a book with sexual content in a high school library. (Will she call the cops on The Internet, also?). A new home rental is showcased on CWW-QVC, Randy is still obsessed with Carroll County geospatial...