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Carroll Worldwide

Jun 8, 2022

May 11, 2022

Dennis ruminates on the current state of Facebook and the times they are a changin'. Sherri is shot out of a cannon with local and national issues. Randy parties with his son's fraternity and ends up in the hospital. The gang actually finds a national social issue that does NOT divide us as a nation!

Mar 30, 2022

Dennis unwittingly helps Randy hatch a scheme to get widespread surveillance for the people, by the people. Sherri thinks Randy has lost his mind. A Taneytown neighbor puts up a stern warning about dog poop. A Westminter woman is screaming obscenities at passers by, and we bring back the beloved segment, "Sherri, Make...

Mar 9, 2022

So, a Mcdonalds Karen spends way too much time chasing a happy meal. A road Karen tries to out a dangerous driver, but the post didn't pan out the way the original poster wanted. Vandalism rocks downtown Westminster, and Sherri is celebrated for Womens month! Dennis and Randy agree to pause being total  chauvinists...

Mar 3, 2022

A local nail salon is having a little too much fun with womens' feet. Dennis finds a story about uncle dads that trumps Randy's redneck lineage. A dog decided to ruin Sherri's day, while she was on the way to the podcast. Sherri tells us of a local newspaper stealing scumbag who is caught stealing newspapers with the...