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Carroll Worldwide

Sep 30, 2021

Carroll County hates kids so much that parents are beating up children at a local football game. We continue to unravel Sherri's scandalous love life. A Violin scammer is ravaging the strip malls of Westminster. Someone is selling a box of vintage Playboys, but sucks at negotiation. What more do you need? Oh, aside from...

Sep 23, 2021

A woman posts in The Eldersburg Online Community group, about seeing a bear, and get bullied. A very overweight man robs someone in a parking lot and then....runs? A man robs a local church at knifepoint, and "unrelated", our least favorite unlicensed contractor is ripping off more people. And BONUS: Does Sherri have a...

Sep 16, 2021

Dennis dismisses "Westy" as the nickname for Westminster. Randy reads a whole article and transcends the cognitive dissonant. Sherri has some good advice for those upset about school masks. The gang reviews a list of the only acceptable restaurants in Eldersburg, as well as a new crop of horrifying grocery store names.